Tommy’s Tiny Red Truck: The Story of Tommy, a Child with Autism

Tommy’s Tiny Red Truck: The Story of Tommy, A Child with Autism” was written to empower children to gain insight into the world of autism. It is simple, direct, and compassionate. It is my hope that the story of Tommy will foster sensitivity and understanding in children for their classmates and friends with autism. The book contains a “Read-to-Me-Story” for children, as well as “Resource Sections” and “Notes to Teachers and Parents.” The various sections of this book can be used independently and can also be modified for use with different age groups. It is also my hope that this book will allow children to understand, that although others may sometimes act differently, they are really the same in the most important and wonderful ways! Each child is like a snowflake: unique, delicate, beautiful, and so very wonderful! Book approved by Autism New Jersey for exhibit and sale at their 28th annual conference in Atlantic City.

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