Preview: The Tale of Vincenza Duck

Everyone in town knew and loved Vincenza Duck. She was a short, stout, very round duck with beautiful brown eyes and a heart of gold. Vincenza loved to sing and she loved to dance. Vincenza Duck could always be heard singing and laughing as she worked in her kitchen cooking wonderful meals for her family and friends.

Whenever Vincenza Duck cooked for her hungry family, she remembered the words of her friend, Humphrey the Magic Frog. “Vincenza,” said Humphrey the Magic Frog, “always cook with love and a smile for a meal with a smile and a song is a true delight.”

Vincenza Duck loved to cook for those she cared about. She cooked for her family of six ducklings and her thirteen grandchildren ducklings. Vincenza also cooked for her brother
and sister ducks. Her friend, Humphrey the Magic Frog, even came over every Friday for his very favorite delicious, home- cooked meal. Why, Vincenza Duck loved cooking so much, that she’d even carry sandwiches and food in a big brown bag to feed anyone who looked a bit hungry as she walked to the local market. She was always feeding all the hungry animals in town. Everyone in town knew that Vincenza would always feed you if you were hungry.

“Nana, we’re hungry,” were the only three words Vincenza Duck needed to hear, and she would quickly waddle to her stove and make a meal to feed her hungry family.

One rainy afternoon….

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Preview: The Tale of Vincenza Duck

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  1. this is so cute!! i love this! 🙂

    Kelly April 21, 2010 at 3:34 am #

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