Alphabet Book Special Preview!

Meet Humphrey The Magic Frog’s Alphabet FriendsTake a stroll with Humphrey the Magic Frog through his home in Jasper Jungle and meet his twenty-six colorful, alphabet friends.

Enjoy reading twenty-six, comical adventures in “rhyme” as you meet Humphrey’s animal friends from Armadillo to Zebra!

Join the journey of Timothy Turtle as he takes “a tooth to the top of the tenth floor in a tiny, tan tin!”

And “wiggle” into the woods with Willy Worm as he wishes “for walnuts, watermelon, and warm wool!”

Young readers can draw new alphabet friends, create their own word pictures, or make up their own tongue twisters on the blank page to the left of each alphabet page. These exercises will help reinforce the sounds of the letters and involve your child in the creative process, as well.

Grade Level: Pre-K to Grade 3.
Cover illustration and twenty-six original, animal illustrations.


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Alphabet Book Special Preview!

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  1. Great job guys! I love the story, and the pictures! These will be great for my preschool class! Keep up the good work!

    Lisa & Emma May 1, 2009 at 11:47 pm #
  2. niicee(:

    cody May 28, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

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