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Elements of Story Writing: A Teacher’s Resource and Student’s Workbook

When writing a story, there are a number of Story Writing Elements that must be understood and practiced in order to create a story of interest and quality. These story writing elements are: Genre, Theme, Setting, Characterization, Dialogue, Plot, Point of View, Voice, Imagery, Story Synopsis/Blurb, Story Title, and Story Illustrations. Elements of Story Writing […]

Alphabet Book Special Preview!

Meet Humphrey The Magic Frog’s Alphabet FriendsTake a stroll with Humphrey the Magic Frog through his home in Jasper Jungle and meet his twenty-six colorful, alphabet friends. Enjoy reading twenty-six, comical adventures in “rhyme” as you meet Humphrey’s animal friends from Armadillo to Zebra! Join the journey of Timothy Turtle as he takes “a tooth […]