5 Free Short Stories: Eat Healthy, Be Healthy, and Smile!!!

The following five short stories were written to help promote healthy eating habits in children.

I have written the following five short stories, each less than 300 words in length, in order to inspire young readers to “EAT HEALTHY, BE HEALTHY, AND SMILE!”

A brightly smiling, shocking-pink heart glowing Humphrey the Magic Frog sits quietly by the window in each of these stories. And although Humphrey the Magic Frog is not seen, and speaks not one single word, his “MAGIC” can be felt by those upon whom he smiles.

Age Level: Pre-K to Grade 3

Stories in this series:

Josh and Ellie’s Picnic Adventure

Eight year old twins, Josh and Ellie, have an indoor picnic by a sunny window in their home when they can’t go to the park.

Oscar Penguin’s New Penguin Suit

A jellybean, cookie, and candy eating penguin named Oscar learns the importance of eating well-balanced meals and “Jiggle, Jiggle, Jogging” in order to become health, happy, and trim.

Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes

Reggie Mouse eats cheese and nothing else until his clothes all “Shrink!” Reggie’s mom comes to the rescue, and they “Un-shrink” his clothes by making healthy food choices.

The Adventures of Jenny and Cassie Kitten

Eight year old Jenny reads a book from her teacher about a kitten named Cassie and learns the importance of drinking milk and eating foods with calcium.

The Story of Sarah and Fluffy Kitten

Young Sarah reads the book “Fluffy” and learns the importance of drinking milk and eating foods with calcium.

In the words of Humphrey the Magic Frog,

“Eating right is never wrong!

Eating makes you healthy and strong!

Healthy eating is the way to go!

To all those junk-foods, simply say “No!”

So, if you want to be fit, healthy and strong pick out a story and read-a-long!

I hope these five stories will make you smile and laugh!

Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes…this one is a real button-popper!

Oscar Penguin’s New Penguin Suit…watch him shop for a new suit!

Josh and Ellie’s Picnic Adventure…twins at home sharing a picnic by a window!

The Adventures of Jenny and Cassie Kitten…a lesson learned from a kitten!

The Story of Sarah and Fluffy Kitten…a kitten to the rescue, again!

Feel free to comment! Let Ms. Jo know which stories you liked the most, and which ones helped you learn healthy eating habits! Also, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Josh and Ellie’s Picnic Adventure

Ellie and Josh Brown were eight-year-old twins. They were great friends. They did everything together.

One sunny Sunday afternoon while Ellie and Josh were playing on the living room floor, Ellie said, “Hey, Josh, let’s ask mom if we can have a picnic in the park today.”

“Sounds great to me,” smiled Josh. “I love to go on picnics. I love to go to the park. And I love to eat.”

“Okay, I’ll ask mom,” said Ellie.

Ellie ran into the kitchen where her mom was busy cooking. Mrs. Brown turned at the sound of Ellie’s footsteps, smiled, and said, “Hello, Sweetie. What are you and your brother up to today?”

Ellie went to her mom, gave her a big hug, and said, “Mom, Josh and I were wondering if we could go to the park for a picnic.”

Mrs. Brown smiled at Ellie and said in a gentle voice, “I’m sorry, Sweetie. Your grandparents are coming to dinner, and I’m busy cooking a special dinner for them.”

Ellie said sadly, “Oh, that’s okay, mom. I’ll go tell Josh.”

Ellie then walked into the living room and said to her brother, “Sorry, Josh, we can’t go to the park for a picnic. Mom is busy cooking dinner for Grammy and Pop-Pop.”

Five minutes later, Mrs. Brown came into the living room. She placed a large red blanket on the floor by the window, smiled at Ellie and Josh, and said, “How about having a special ‘inside the house on a blanket by a sunny window picnic’?”

“Wow! Great idea, Mom!” said the twins.

“Then let’s make some healthy picnic foods,” smiled Mom.


1 turkey & tomato sandwich
1 chicken & lettuce sandwich
6 carrot sticks
2 apples
2 bottles of water

Oscar Penguin’s New Penguin Suit

Oscar Penguin loved to eat candy, cookies, and jelly beans.

“Oscar, you must stop eating only candy, cookies, and jelly beans,” said his mom one afternoon.

“Okay, Mom,” said Oscar Penguin.

Oscar Penguin then went into his bedroom, closed the door, and ate a large bag of jelly beans. “I really love jelly beans,” smiled Oscar.

At dinner that night Oscar was not hungry. He ate two peas, two string beans, and one olive.

As Oscar left the table, he thought, “It’s okay not to eat mom’s food. I have lots of jelly beans I can eat.”

Then one day Oscar Penguin got a big surprise.

Oscar needed a new penguin suit.

When Oscar went with his mom to get a new penguin suit at the penguin suit store, all the suits were too small. None of the suits fit Oscar.

Oscar was very upset. He called out, “Mom, what am I going to do? None of the penguin suits fit me. What am I going to wear?”

Oscar’s mom smiled saying, “Oscar, Let’s go home and talk. I know what you can do to fit into a new penguin suit.”

When they got home, Oscar’s mom said in a gentle voice, “Oscar, there are three things you can do to solve your problem:

You can stop eating junk food and sweets.

You can start eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal, chicken, and fish.

And you can begin doing a bit of ‘Jiggle, Jiggle, Jogging’ each day.”

“Sure, Mom, I can do those three things,” smiled Oscar. And he did.

Oscar Penguin ate healthy foods, ‘Jiggle, Jiggle, Jogged’ each day, became healthy, strong, and got a brand-new penguin suit!






Reggie Mouse’s Shrinking Clothes

Reggie Mouse loved cheese.

He ate cheese for breakfast, cheese for lunch, and cheese for dinner.

Reggie Mouse ate cheese and nothing else.

Reggie’s mom, Rita Mouse, always said to him, “Reggie, it is fine to eat cheese, but you should also eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal, breads, chicken, and fish, too.”

Reggie Mouse would smile and say, “No way, Mom, I only eat cheese and nothing else.”

One day as Reggie Mouse got dressed, all the buttons on his shirt went, “Pop, Pop, Pop.”

“Oh, no, my shirt has “SHRUNK!” cried Reggie Mouse.

And as Reggie Mouse put on a pair of his pants, “Rip, Rip, Rip,” went the pants.

“Oh, no, my pants have “SHRUNK!” too, cried Reggie Mouse.

Reggie Mouse then ran to his closet and tried on all of his clothes.

“Pop, Pop, Pop” went all the buttons on all of his shirts.

“Rip, Rip, Rip,” went all of his pants.

Reggie Mouse cried and cried and said, “Oh, no, all of my clothes have ‘SHRUNK! What can I do?”

Rita Mouse heard her mouse-son crying. She quickly walked into his bedroom and asked in a gentle voice, “Reggie, why are you crying and why are your clothes all on floor?”

“Oh, Mom, it’s awful, my clothes have all “SHRUNK,” cried Reggie Mouse in his saddest mouse-voice.

“Hmmmm, all your clothes have ‘SHRUNK’? I think I know what we can do to ‘Un-Shrink’ them,” she said.

“Reggie, if you want to ‘Un-Shrink’ your clothes you must stop eating only cheese and begin eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal, breads, fish, and chicken,” said his mom.

That night Reggie Mouse ate chicken, carrots, spinach, and grapes for dinner.

And in a very short time by eating healthy foods, Reggie’s clothes “UN-SHRUNK!”

The Adventures of Jenny and Cassie Kitten

“No, thank you, no milk for me,” said eight-year-old Jenny to her mom.

Those seven words always upset Jenny’s mother, Mary, because she knew how important it was for Jenny to drink milk. Milk had calcium and helped build strong teeth and bones.

Several days later, Jenny brought a special book home from school.

Jenny’s teacher, Mrs. Jones, had asked her students to read a special story.

Mrs. Jones gave Jenny “Casper Kitten” to read.

Jenny loved to read. She also loved cats. It was the perfect book for Jenny.

When Jenny came home from school that day, she sat at the kitchen table and began to read her special book.

After a few minutes Jenny said, “Oh, poor Casper Kitten can’t take long steps when she walks.” Jenny kept reading.

A few minutes later Jenny said, “Oh, poor Casper Kitten can’t climb a tree because her paws hurt.” Jenny kept reading.

Jenny’s mom noticed the upset look on Jenny’s face and asked, “Jenny, are you okay? What is making you so upset?”

“Nothing, mom, I’m fine. It’s just that Casper Kitten is having such a hard time moving and walking. I hope she is okay.”

“I’m sure Casper Kitten will be fine. Read for a few more minutes; then we’ll have dinner,” smiled Jenny’s mom.

Jenny kept reading. “Oh, poor Casper Kitten can’t leap, bend, or dance either,” said Jenny.

That night Jenny finished reading “Casper Kitten.”

And that night Jenny drank her very first glass of milk.

“Mom, Casper Kitten needed CALCIUM to walk, dance, climb, and have strong bones and teeth. So do I,” smiled Jenny.


Cottage cheese
Ice Cream

The Story of Sarah and Fluffy

Sarah did not like to drink milk.

Whenever her mom gave Sarah a glass of milk, she would say, “No, thanks, Mom, no milk for me.”

Sarah’s mom knew how important it was for her young daughter to drink milk.

Milk had calcium and Sarah needed calcium in order to have strong teeth and bones.

One afternoon Sarah’s mom spoke to Sarah’s teacher, Mrs. Smith, about her problem with Sarah.

Mrs. Smith had an idea.

The next day Mrs. Smith gave Sarah a special book to read.

The book was called, “Fluffy.”

Sarah loved to read. She read all the time.

Sarah also loved kittens. Fluffy was a kitten.

Sarah couldn’t wait to read her special book.

When Sarah got home from school that day, she ran to her mom, kissed her, and said, “Mom, look. Mrs. Smith gave me a special book to read. It is about a kitten named Fluffy.”

“That’s nice, dear. Why don’t you read a bit before dinner?” asked her mom.

Sarah washed her hands and sat at the kitchen table to read.

After reading for a few minutes, Sarah said, “Oh, poor Fluffy can’t climb a tree because her paws hurt.”

Sarah kept reading.

Then Sarah said, “Poor Fluffy can’t bend, twirl, or dance because her paws hurt.”

Sarah closed her book.

Sarah’s mom came to the table and asked, “What’s wrong, dear? Why have you stopped reading?”

Sarah said, “It’s Fluffy. She can’t climb, bend, twirl, or dance because she won’t drink milk and, and, and……” Sarah stopped.

Then Sarah said, “Mom, may I have a glass of milk?”

Sarah drank the glass of milk and said, “If Fluffy needs milk to be healthy and strong, I guess I do, too.”

“Yes, dear,” smiled Sarah’s mom.

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